Tactical Series: Single Drawer, Mid-Size CopBox

Copbox by CTECH

Tactical Series: Single Drawer, Mid-Size CopBox
Model Number: T40-301
MSRP: $2,194.50

8-10 Weeks


This 20" tall tactical storage box was designed for an officer who needs more gear. When you are a rural officer carrying more gear is essential to effectively performing your job. Some of this additional gear may include SWAT gear, Crime Scene Investigation gear, or any other additional duty equipment.
  • Maintains full visibility out of rear of vehicle
  • Lightweight construction, easily removed if spare tire is needed
  • The 20" of height gives more storage opportunity, great for mid-sized CopBox
  • Inverted Top offers quick access to gear
  • Vehicle Mounting Plate Free with CopBox!
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