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Amco has the ability to custom manufacture specialty compounds to your needs and specifications. Custom compounding offers desired material properties and sometimes a more economical alternative to expensive engineered polymers. Compounding of color, glass, carbon-fiber, metal, impact modifiers as well as additive blending including UV stabilizers, lubricants, anti-microbials, foaming agents, and scratch resistant enhancers are all available. A full line of appearance modifiers to lighten, darken, add grain, sparkle, pearlescence, metal coloring, iridescence, phosphorescence, or almost any combination of effects are also available. Many Amco compounds comply with UL, FDA, NSF & USP specifications.

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Channel Prime Alliance is a plastic and rubber resin distributor with service offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  We strive to provide supplier branded prime products to our customers through service that meets or exceeds their requirements.
 As part of the Ravago family, Channel Prime Alliance offers a complete line of prime rubber, reprocessed rubber, commodity plastics, engineered plastics and TPE’s. Channel Prime Alliance currently commands a work force of sales and technical service professionals, throughout our regions, to accommodate our customers' requirements.

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Through our assets and expertise throughout the region, Entec Polymers can provide custom resin technology for your applications.  Based on engineering and commodity resins, these assets can be utilized for standard grades or for specific properties unique to your specifications.  Our custom compounding facilities support our full line of proprietary resins.

In addition to blends and compounded formulations, we can add a custom color to any of our products to reduce your overhead costs and internal complexity. 

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Muehlstein and Ravago's global network of over 60 strategic, world class and regional producer partners ensures a continuous, reliable supply in all market conditions of: high quality, producer brands, our own global Certene® brand, eco-friendly "green" products, plus wide-specification and recycled products.
Our broad products, offering predictable pricing services and industry leading online tracking systems is the most unique in the industry -- but it’s our people that truly make us experts. Their skills in building lasting relationships and harnessing purchasing power and distribution systems allows Muehlstein to offer unparalleled customer service

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